Coated Knife Case

Here are the final changes I made to the box. I coated the entire thing in polyurethane, because the box would presumably come close to moisture frequently. I also stenciled on my Chinese surname in the corner, so I could figure out the orientation of the box without opening it.


Worn Wetstone

So after two years and having seen many factory edges removed, I think it’s time to retire my first sharpening stone.

Home Roasted Coffee Brewing

TheĀ ground-up coffee beans looked pretty good and smelled amazing. Unfortunately, the coffee itself didn’t taste so great. I guess I’ll have to try again some other time. In the meantime, a bag of Fourbarrel came in the mail, so that should keep me for a while.

Wok Coffee Roasting

I tried roasting green coffee beans in a wok today. It didn’t come out very even, and chaff got everywhere. Fortunately, the chaff was really easy to clean up with a vacuum. I guess I have to turn down the heat on the stove and stir better to get a more even roast. I haven’t tried making coffee with the beans yet.

Santoku Knife Case

So I really like cooking and sharp knives, and as a result, my friends all pitched in and got me a really nice Japanese blue steel knife for my birthday back in February. Because I’m a college student, I’m frequently moving between my apartment and my parents’ place in California, and I needed some way to transport the knife. The box it came in was cardstock, which wouldn’t last very long, so I made a case of my own.

Espresso Machine Modification

So I decided to take another step in my coffee adventures, and got myself a second-hand Starbucks Barista (rebranded Saeco Via Venezia) off of eBay. After cleaning up the device a bit, modifying the portafilter, and pulling 20 or so shots, things seem to be working reasonably well.

LED Replacement

So had I had a really simple project that’s been laying around for quite a while. The bulb that came with this flashlight busted, and I never really got around to replacing it, because it wasn’t so bright to begin with. School’s out for a week, and I spent my first day putting in those LEDs I was thinking about for so long.