Broken 3D Printer Extruder

So the extruder unit on my Solidoodle 2 broke recently. All 6 pieces of acrylic fractured, so the stepper motor could no longer get enough friction on the filament to advance it into the hot end. Unfortunately, my printer was out of warranty, so I couldn’t send it in to get fixed. So instead, I emailed Solidoodle support and asked if I could just get the replacement acrylic and replace the parts myself.

Edrick on the support team got back to me pretty much immediately and sent out the replacement parts later that day, which was super awesome. All I had to pay was $5 for shipping and parts. Parts were shipped Friday, and I got them Monday. Just today, I found some time to swap out the parts, and everything is working again.

Thanks, Edrick at Solidoodle!