Beveled Yanagiba and Chef’s Knife

It’s been quite a while! Here are some works in progress.

The knife pictured above is a hybrid between a Yanagiba and a Santoku. A traditional Yanagiba is spear-pointed, allowing the knife to be used as a piercing tool when required, such as gutting a fish. Personally, I do not really like spear-pointed knives, especially a really long spear-pointed knife, since I get less-than-comfortable control of the knife when the edge is so far away. I also rarely need to gut fish. Thus, the end of the knife is more akin to a Santoku, allowing for even slicing all the way to the tip of the blade. The single-sided right hand bevel helps food to peel off the blade when slicing.

This chef knife is mostly inspired by the Henckel’s Pro chef’s knife and Global F and GF series knives. The blade shapes of this chef’s knife and the Henckel’s Pro are of interest, because of the relatively longer straight edge and belly closer to the tip of the knife. The longer straight edged section allows for a larger chopping section, similar to Santokus and Gyutos; however, the large belly still allows for a good rocking motion. The Global F and GF series knives have more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing handles that allow for both pinch-grip and handle-only gripping of the knives.

Between work, climbing, and visiting friends after recently getting back to the West Coast, I’ve been pretty busy!


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