Scrap Metal Knives

These are two mini-knife projects made from the scrap pieces of 440C from my other knife projects. They were heat treated with a blowtorch and tempered in a normal oven. Compared to the AUS8 SOG Twitch II that I have, it seems like this metal is just a little bit softer.

Kydex sheaths for these things to come some time during this week!


Cocobolo Half Ton

My weekend project was making these custom scales and modifying my Kershaw Half Ton knife. The original knife on Knifecenter came with nylon handles that are really more pink than red and rubber inserts. The problem that I found was that the rubbery inserts in the handles would really stick to my pants, making clipping the knife and taking the knife out of pockets really difficult. Other than that, I loved the size, shape, and simplicity of the knife (and the neat little combination wrench inspired pocket clip).

The modifications I did were acid washing all of the metal components in ferric chloride. This removes the glint of the metal, giving it a more satin-finished look. The pocket clip and blade were stone washed (making that nice worn look) using ceramic media and a vibratory tumbler. The flat parts of the scales were made of cocobolo, and the walls were 3D printed. Cocobolo is a naturally oily wood, so it is actually untreated and unfinished, but the oils make it naturally shiny. 

That’s about it! Maybe I’ll start getting more expensive knives to flip after this trial run. 

Steak Grilled Cheese

I haven’t posted food pictures in a while, so here’s my dinner. Grilled cheese with oven baked steak seared with a blowtorch. Oh, and the steak was seasoned overnight with brown sugar, smoke paprika, salt, garlic powder, and cinnamon.