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Freaking finally.


Saab Clutch Replacement

Finally finished putting a new clutch in my car. It was a pain in the ass but a good learning experience. Definitely not doing it again with my current equipment.

I had to do some pretty ridiculous things. For those who don’t know, the clutch is basically like a glorified friction plate that operates between the engine and the transmission. There’s a lot of other things between the outside and the clutch, so I’ll try to summarize the steps in the following:

  1. Control arms are removed from the subframe
  2. Driveshafts come out of the transmission
  3. Engine needs support, so I built a support bar out of wood
  4. Subframe dropped or removed
  5. Engine lowered
  6. Transmission slides out
  7. Clutch comes out of the transmission

After that, it’s assembling everything in reverse! Something I’ll definitely remember forever is that getting a transmission back up to the engine while on my back is probably one of the most frustrating things I’ve ever done.