Nura 3.0 Modification

The Nura 3.0 is a knife that I had been waiting to purchase for a while. The part that interested me the most is its use of the new Kershaw Velocity Technology (KVT) system, which is just a fancy name for the ball bearings that are used in the knife pivot. For $30, this is one of the cheapest knives on the market that includes ball bearing pivots.

Disassembled Nura 3.0 Pivot

Unlike the nicer ball-bearing knifes with either titanium handles or precision ground washers upon which the ball bearings roll, the ball bearings in the Nura come in direct contact with the 410 stainless steel handles. As a result, the new knife does not open very smoothly. Opening the new blade feels like opening a wiper blade with many small detents between the fully closed and open positions. With repeated use, however, the ball bearings wear a grooved track in the steel with a ball-peening effect, creating a hardened track within which the bearings can roll smoothly.


I actually ended up purchase three of these knives to modify. The first modification was filling the grooves in the handles of the knife with orange glow-in-the-dark powder and epoxy. The pictures about show the front and back of a stock Nura 3.0 and the modified product. Glow-in-the-dark pictures and more modified Nura 3.0 knives to come!


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