Second Completed Knife (Steak Knife 1)

After a couple failed attempts at heat treating the steak knives two weeks ago, I finally realized my problem. In order to fit my large yanagiba-style knife, I had dropped the lowest shelf to the bottom of my kiln. The two steak knives were resting at the bottom, so they were never reaching the temperature that the kiln thermometer was displaying. After remedying the heating problem by placing the lowest shelf on top of some kiln furniture, I managed to get things right last weekend.

Anyways… there’s not much to be said here. Text is boring, and people want pictures.

Steak Knife 1 Left

The above is the scan of the knife just after shaping and beveling. If you want to make one yourself, just print that at 100% scaling, cut it out, trace it to some steel, and get grinding. I’m assuming most of you won’t make use of that, but it’s there, because people have asked for it before.

 2015-05-30 18.01.17

After getting most of the scale off with a file post heat treatment, I switched to using 220 grit sandpaper to deal with smoothing out some of the contours near the front end of the handle. A couple seconds of inattention when shaping the bevels meant a lot more hand sanding later. It took a good hour to get rid of those little lines (grooves in the metal) in the above image.

2015-06-06 16.24.21

The front edges of the wooden handles were again prepared prior to gluing. With a good soap and water cleaning of the steel parts and a quick alcohol wipe on the inner faces of the scales, the parts were ready for gluing.


And… fast forward through a lot more sanding and polishing. There’s a knife! It measures at just under 10 inches.


I was actually pretty pleased with how things turned out. I had thought out pretty much the entire knife, including the handle shape when I first sketched it, so it was good to see how my mental image so closely matched the final product. I will probably have some side by side photos of this knife and the duplicated knife next weekend if I finish the other one up.

Well, thanks again for checking this out, and let me know if you have any questions!


Nura 3.0 Mod Part 2

In my prior Nura 3.0 modification post, I mentioned that I would include a picture of the knife in the dark. Well, in addition to that photograph, I also completed another one with a different glow pigment.


The knife on the left is a stock Nura 3.0. The center one is a newer modified knife, and the right one is an older one with the orange glow pigment.


The above picture, despite being not all in focus, better shows the grooves in the stock knife that have been filled in the center and right knives.


The above picture shows the two modified knives in the dark . The left knife was made with GlominexTM Glow Pigment  – Orange, while the one on the right was made with Glow Inc. Ultra Blue Glow Powder.