Second Camping Knife

To give some quick background, my unnamed roommate from my previous post happens to actually have a name, Micah. Here’s a plug to his WordPress! He was working on a camping knife about the same time that I was working on my first chef knife.

DSC_1165There he is cutting out his blank with an angle grinder designed to deafen on a cold, dark, Worcester night

With all these knife posts, I think people are still interested in just seeing pictures first, so here’s a picture of the final product.


Micah had designed the blade shape, cut it all out, and placed the bevels with the “defiling jig” that I mentioned in the Chef Knife Complete post from earlier. Because that was about all he could do while we were still in Worcester, it was sort of up to me to complete the heat-treating and handle-making parts. Post heat-treatment, I decided to acid stonewash the blade, giving it a more rustic appearance. Micah selected the stained layered wood handle material long ago, but while I was working on the knife, he also requested a plaid-inspired pattern. In order to make the already flashy handles even more decorative, I decided to mill out a sort of plaid pattern and fill it with glow-in-the-dark resin.


There’s the pattern! The room was actually quite dimly lit, but the 3200 ISO and 5 second exposure helped to really capture the glow resin, but unfortunately also made the rest of the room look quite well-lit.


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