Kranich LG G4 Phone Holder for ’98-’02 Saab 9-3

Yeah… the title is really specific, but that’s because this phone holder was designed specifically for my phone to fit my car.


I’m the third owner of this car, and it looks like the second owner broke off the cup holder when he punched a cup of coke out of it. I used to have one of those suction cup mounts, but they sort of suck during the winter and they get in the way of my Heatshield (get one to protect your dash from UV).

I made use of the gaping hole in my center console by sticking a chunk of phone-holding plastic into it. Oh, and by the way, my phone is an LG G4 with a Kranich extended battery.

Files of the model are hosted here on my Thingiverse page.


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